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Brandnew: The art print on canvas MGB - 9 colours and with individual number plate.

The shop of zwischenbunt® and its functions are currently only available in Germany.

But we also look forward to your individual enquiries for the car canvas prints from the UK, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, other European countries and of course from the USA.


To make an enquiry, please simply send us an email to or use or contact page.


• This will allow you to enquire about all the prints available in the shop.


• Currently, however, we only customize prints on canvas with the car motifs MGB and Volkswagen Transporter T1 (available in June 2021): Only with these motifs do you have the option of selecting different colours and a licence plate of your choice. We show you the possible colours here.


• Please add a photo of your vehicle and the number plate to your enquiry.


• If you have any special wishes for your unique painting print, just write to us.


• If your motif is feasible for us, we will contact you as soon as possible and give you a price for the canvas print, packaging, shipping etc..


• If the price quoted is acceptable to you, we will send you an invoice accordingly.


• Please note that the print will be prepared individually for you after your advance payment and an exchange or return is therefore not possible.


The prints on canvas with the painting motifs are large-format and through the individualization of colour and markings you will receive your own personal unique piece.

The MG picture in the office ambience. The large-format canvas print of the MGB in 9 striking vehicle colours - individually with the licence plate of your choice. This makes every MG print unique.
The MG picture in the office ambience. The large-format canvas print of the MGB in 9 striking vehicle colours - individually with the licence plate of your choice. This makes every MG print unique.

Exclusive and only available at zwischenbunt® ...

The MG Type B sports car - or MG B sports car for short. Who does not know it? In the sixties and seventies, the international sports car scene could not be imagined without this English roadster from "Morris Garages". Even today, the MG still enjoys great popularity in the sports car scene among MG fans, in interesting MG Facebook groups and in MG clubs. Today, it is often the object of extensive classic car restorations. For art and art fans, we offer artwork/art prints on canvas on the MG theme. The MG B appears more frequently in illustrations and on posters, also on numerous MG photos, but less so in art. The MGB has rarely been artistically realised as an MG painting. In our shop you have the possibility to individualise your MG: Your MG convertible in one of 9 different colours of your choice and with your licence plate.
By the way, this MG painting is perfectly suitable as a ladies' or gentlemen's gift for the MG driver. 

At 75 x 75 cm, the large-format MG canvas print is very present in any ambience and captivates with expressive colours.

By the way, you can find the whole story behind this great car here:

The artist: Markus Scholemann

Markus Scholemann
Markus Scholemann

I have been drawing and painting since my childhood ...

The pictures you see on this homepage I paint today in my leisure time. With this I create a balance to my daily work as a communication and industrial designer. You can read more about this at

Here I work for service companies, industry and trade. In my daily work I create technical illustrations, printed matter, homepages and cartoons.

Far away from commissioned work and deadlines, however, it is simply tremendous fun to mix colours in peace and quiet and use them to bring interesting vehicles onto the canvas. As a convinced classic car fan and MGB driver since 1994, it is above all the era of the 60s and 70s whose sports- and racing-cars fascinate me.

My preferred medium is acrylic paint and often square canvas formats vary between 70 cm and 1 metre.


The idea behind my paintings: You´ll get your car - with your colour and your licence plate

After I received extremely positive feedback from many people on several posts of my paintings, I decided to offer my paintings in an online-shop. 

However, questions often came up like: "Do you have the car in blue as well?" or "Is this painting also available with a yellow car?"

No, I regret, because unfortunately the painting shows a red car. Everyone wants their car - and of course in the right colour.

Other people would also like an original. But the costs for that are very high, because the paintings often take weeks of work - very few people want to pay for that. And I, on the other hand, don't want to paint the same motif over and over again in different colours.

The painting becomes unique

After thinking about ways to individualize the canvas prints of my car paintings, I came up with the idea of using image processing to individualize my pictures - with different colours. In this way, different colour variations can be created on the basis of one picture.

And another idea was born: Why not also give these pictures individual licence plates? This way, each picture becomes unique and at a reasonable price. 

I am therefore pleased to be able to offer you exactly that in my shop today. Exclusivity is guaranteed, because these pictures are protected by copyright and are only available in our shop - in different colours and with individual licence plates.

Currently we have two individualized vehicles in stock: The MGB in 9 colours and the Volkswagen T1 Transporter "Bulli". Both can now be ordered individualized.